Tony Toughnutz

Aspiring Stand Up Comedian
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If you’re here on purpose I don’t know what to tell you.
One of the OGs of the league. League accountant/bill collector. I don’t wanna hear any shit I’ll win this league eventually. 3x family league winner (yea so what my nephews are in it, they’re better than my brother-in-law), 1/1 in my work league so far (easy $$), and current reigning champ in my other friends league (Eat shit pink). If you’re on my side get ready for a ride, because just like the Jets we’re right there and no one’s gunna believe it when it finally happens.


QB: Patty Mahomes

RB: Big Truss

RB2: 4.6 points at best

WR: Julio “Catches Everything” Jones

WR: Tyreek

Flex: I flip Yeezys

TE: Austin Hooper…. then Mike Gesicki… then Jason Witten

DEF: Saints

Kicker: Robbie Gould porbably

Bench: I prefer dumbbell work

Favorite Halloween Costume: Sheet Ghost

Add Your Past Experiences

GM of Team Arcamone
(2016 – 2017)
No one asked so shut up. #LongLiveKelvinBenjamin

GM of Jameis’ Crab Shack
(2017 – 2018)
Squeezed in to the playoffs, lost in the first round. Stole some crab legs after.

GM of Rick and Mor-TDs
(2018 – 2019)
Another year squeezing in to the playoffs (my speciality) and another first round loss.

GM of Julio’s Waffle House
(2019 – 2020)
This was the year. Then I had to take the trip to Europe with my girlfriend. All I did was gain 15 pounds and go on a 4 game losing streak to end the season and miss the playoffs. 3rd highest scorer in the league ends up 5-8… horseshit. Mahomes, Ingram, Tyreek, Julio and Hooper (drafting him every year finally paid off)…. but fuck me right? Injuries and bullshit, bullshit and injuries. I hate you all.

GM of Tony’s Lawnscaping Service
(2020 – 2021)
If I win the league this year im going to the casino and putting $500 on black

Betting week 1

This week’s bets, lines courtesy of ESPN Fantasy and Tony Tens Mud Monkeys (+10.5) v Julios Waffe House (-10.5) Tony’s Lines: Waffles -160, Mud Monkeys at +210 Action taken:Dannys got $10 and a Wendy’s 4 for $4 against Tony on the spread, taking Mud Monkeys +10.5Mikey Meatballs is taking Mud Monkeys su for 2 units