Week 2 Run Down 2020/2021

Week 2..half of you guys finally realize what morons you are that scary terry in the 5th, baby knees as your RB1, Saquon in the 1st just isn’t winning football. For you guys you have 12 more weeks to think about your actions and see if you can get your squirrly hands on some film. For the other half of us its statement week. Time to find out who’s for real and whos tony. I got nothing else to say but football is still back.

  1. Scammy the Captain (0-1) vs Can you Ceedeez Nuts (1-0)

Woke up this morning to some cool fall air to pay the meter, looked at our 1;00 matchups and this one just felt righ. Reigning champ vs former champ, brother vs brother the only thing missing is some aunt jamima pancakes. I don’t understand the reference and i dont think it matters, this loser leaves town matchup doesn’t really matter because neither of these 2 once feared dynasties are any more than a shell of themselves. A burnt marshmallow could put more fear into somebody than these teams. Gun to my head im going with scammy the captain in a bounce back fashion this week to let the league know who the reigning champ still is, take the points, take the mL, take the money. 

  1. Gould Hunt(1-0) vs O’delli Meatz(1-0)

Baby Shaker Baker can finally get off the chopping block for worst team name with a tough battle against Gould Hunt. i dont even know where to start with how shitty this name is. If you put your money on gould hunt you support womans rights. What? It seems as if both of these once clowned organizations are close to turning the chapter on years of being a loser to years of being a disappointment. O’delli Meatz has a strong core but has some questionable WRs while Gould Hunt continues to show impressively bad lineup management. Paris Campbell over kareem hunt this week hahahaha get a load of this guy. Tony how do you even manage to piss in the bowl? Paris Campbell hahahah. I hope you can tell where my heads with at this one.. Taking O’delli Meatz in this fraud bowl, 

  1. The Clawwww (1-0) vs James Snorts that White (0-1)

Has the deal with the devil finally worn off for Glenn?! Glenn gets rocked week 1, brady and bellicheck break up, dame dollar isnt elite.. 2020 is a reality slap in the face for this organization. This shitty fucking organization was finally exposed week 1 and week 2 wont be any better. I should just copy my write up for the clawwww so i can post it every week because the story simply does not change. This team is a power house, the train won’t stop, upper management is extremely handsome i mean the 20s look like they’ll be just as promising as the 10s. Clawwww by a million, make up for you 1:00 parlays that don’t hit.. Don’t overthink this one. 

  1. Hold my Wood(s) (0-1) vs Stafford Infection (0-1) 

Glad to see a name change for hold my wood as this organization is in a win at all cost mindset and knows what it takes to get it done while the staff infection led by an oompa loompa RB1 is still looking for a cure. Looking at this roster it seems like Staff infection is patient 0 for the 1st person in history to give themselves their own staff infection. He prob got it from that rusty rod that he shoves up his ass every sunday when he’s looking at 70 points mid way through the 4:00 games. I’m running out of brain power here.. I know how you feel robbo. Hold my Wood in bounce back fashion here as the new merch is flying off the shelves. 

  1. Its-a-Me-Lamario(0-1) vs Hepatitis D (1-0)

ITS THE YEAR OF THE VIRUS. Hepatitis D has finally mutated in a strain that can’t be contained. Statement game coming here. DON’T fade Hepatitis. This team has been watching film, this team has been working in the offseason, this team has been doing nebraskas, this team is here to stay. Even with all this hype bet the OVER in this game. Its-a-me-Lamario is simply too good of a name to bet against but points will be flowing this week. Alternate line of over 275, take it with confidence.. Sprinkle the winnings.

  1. Blazz Light year (0-1) vs Officer Dickskin (1-0) 

“I got a snake in my boot”  – blazz 

“Dickskin lives matter” -Officer Dickskin 

This ones a snooze fest. Dickskin all the way in this one. 

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