Week 7 Run Down 2019/20

Happy Thursday boys. Football is back which means the week doesn’t suck anymore. Week 7 matchups coming in hot and gotta say, love the board this week. My 7-4-1 record on my picks speak for itself so if i put the bullseye on you.. watch out.

  1. Mud Monkeys (2-4) vs SuttOn My Face (2-4) 

Gotta say, i LOVE the over in this matchup. Expect the mud monkeys to get out to a heavy lead tonight just to watch it dwindle as Saquon returns for SuttOn and carries this squad for a historic 400 yard performance as Eli makes his comeback making some impressive handoffs to Saquon. Gotta say, the old pink would’ve panicked on the season and traded away saquon and rogers already but the ices must’ve made him grow up. This is also the 1st year the Mud Monkeys actually likes its roster which makes it all the better when it just can’t get the job down. I’m taking SuttOn My Face in an absolute barn burner. 

2. Straight Outta Hopkins (3-3) vs Officer Dickskin (3-3) 

*Matchup of the year alert* This is the one we’ve all been waiting for. “Bye-week robby, bird brain robby, big dumb idiot”.. the noise has been heard and i know Straight outta hopkins has had this one circled on the calendar since draft night. Really not much to say about this one besides get your popcorn ready. Everything is telling me that Officer Dickskin is going to get an undeserved win BUT I’m betting with my heart here, Straight Outta Hopkins by 50. 

3. Hepatitis D (2-4) vs Matty Revenge Tour (4-2) 

Going to keep this one short, disappointed by Hepatitis D front office. As a devoted fan I’m disappointed year in and year out about studs on the bench, bums in the lineup. Not much else to say. Matty Revenge Tour coming into this matchup limping with injuries, stars on byes in Cabo and I’m still rocking with them in this one as Hepatitis bench outscores their starters. Look for Revenge Tour to improve to 5-2. 

4. Sammy gave me a Chubb (3-3) vs Baby Shaker Baker (3-3) 

Looking at this matchup, its embarrassing for the league that these 2 teams are in the playoff race. This is like the bengals and jets both being .500, just not a good look for the league. I’ll make sure Tony in PR really pushes this game so the fans are still interested but boy do i feel bad for the ones that tune into it. Chubb has never been more flaccid with 80 year old AP running the RB1 and a potentially 4th string RB in his RB2.. if only Benny Snell Jr wasn’t on a bye. The Baby Shaker’s show life with an impressively savvy QB change this week. Look for the Baby Shaker’s to dominate this one as Chubb is left with nothing but some expired lube and used tissues. 

5. Julio’s Waffle House (3-3) vs Let me hit your JuJul (3-3) 

Gotta say, the Waffle House is the 49ers of this season. Everybody laughed at them, everybody mocked them, nobody still believes in them but they’re in the damn dance. This is going to be a tough matchup on the road for the juul as Waffle House has banned pods at its stadium. I’ve also heard with the return of Tyreke Hill the stadium has also banned children from being within a 50 mile radius of him. Weird. 

I know the juul is waterproof but what happens when it gets drenched in maple syrup? Gotta ride with the Waffle house in this one. 

6. AB’s Wild Ride (4-2) vs The Clawwww (4-2) 

I gotta say, AB’s Wild Ride has been my favorite team to follow all season. Feel like I’m on king da ka every week when i check their matchup. This teams truly has bought all in and it shows on sundays. Everybody said they weren’t good enough, they weren’t fast enough, they weren’t strong enough and honestly those people will be right this weekend as the Clawwww forces them to take a detour on this magical season. You already know who I’m riding with in this one.

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