Week 11 Run Down 2019/20

Alright boys, week 11, ton of playoff implications on the line. For most of you this is all we have so… don’t fuck it up. With that being said my record speaks for itself so believe everything i say.. especially when I’m trying to make a trade with you. 

  1. Matty Revenge Tour (5-5) vs The Clawwww (7-3) 

Gotta say after the revenge tours trade rape this week, this team isn’t as far off as some would like to believe. However, this team will be relying on season disappointments joe mixon, leveon bell, DJnotsomuch2k and ronald jones to carry them to the promise land. Aside from this, management failed to make a name change before the weekly write up. For those reasons, the clawwww new look lineup will continue to rain terror down on this league as the revenge tour is left not knowing what to believe anymore. Look for the revenge tour to get snatched up in this one. Clawww by a thousand. 

2. ABs Wild Ride (4-6) vs Sammy gave me a Chubb (5-5) 

In this nail biting game, these 2 derailing teams desperately need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. ABs wild ride looks like its closing for the season for maintenance while the Chubbs seem like they have built a tolerance to viagra. Both of these teams are no threat to anybody but themselves. Feel like theres no need to overthink this one, take the Chubb, take the points, take the money. 

3. Julio’s Waffle House (5-5) vs Hepatitis D (3-7) 

Ciao, arivaderce, come ti chiami. Thats about all the italian i know but i got a feeling the italian stallion is going to bounce back in a big way this week. The waffle house’s decision making was a little clouded by all the hookers and smoke in the cafe’s this week as his shaky internet connection halted him from tinkering. Not to mention the waffle house had to spend a whole week alone with his gf in a country of people who speak a different language. I can only imagine how much he’s hurting. The bleeding stops for him this week as Hepatitis new look roster is clearly tanking for tua. If we did a dynasty league this dumpster fire organization would have some hope every year. Unfortunately this isn’t that year. Waffle house is my lock of the week even though this once elite team doesn’t look so elite anymore. 

4. Let me hit your JuJul (4-6) vs Straight outta Hopkins (6-4) 

Going into the write ups i was going to pick against SoH as i always do but jesus christ. The juul is starting 3 NEW YORK JETS THIS WEEK. I would just like to remind the juul that the jets don’t get to play the giants every week.. sheesh. Honestly think it might be time for the Juul to switch over to Stix because this team is SPIRALING. With that being said I’m sticking with the JUUL in this one because how could i not. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!! Hahahah underdog mL of the week here. 

5. Baby Shaker Baker (7-3) vs Mud Monkeys (5-5) 

Interesting matchup here as i don’t think I’ve ever picked either of these 2 teams to win a game. With that being said, it may be time to take the baby shakers serious. This team may not look pretty but they know how to win football games. This team kinda reminds me of the pats, always a bunch of terrible skill players surrounded by brady and bellicheck. I don’t really get it but it works. Think the Mud Monkeys will be stuck spinning in the mud this week as their playoff hopes and realization of having a shitty team finally sets in. In an odd serious of events I’m rolling with the baby shakers here. 

6. Officer Dickskin (5-5) vs SuttOn my face (4-6) 

HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD… THE OFFICER IS BACK!! Sutton my face really needs to make some peaces and squash some beef with the gambling/fantasy gods. This franchise is currently riddled with bad picks, bad matchups ad bad injuries and i absolutely love it. I think my favorite part of every week is knowing how excited sutton my face gets when golladay scores a 50 yard bomb just to be torn down the rest of the day. THIS TEAM STINK. Hide your kids, hide your wife, everybody getting raped out here.. OFFICER DICKSKIN BACK.

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