Week 10 Run Down 2019/20

Alright boys that bitch left, i got my laptop back and I’m ready to dive balls deep into week 10. Coming into this week with a 15-8-1 record. I got a sick record, a sick team and everything is sick. Lets do it.. 

  1. Mud Monkeys (4-5) vs Julio’s Waffle House (5-4) 

In robby d’s “matchup of the week” we have an absolute snooze fest. Robbys ability to predict a game is about the same as his ability to draft a team.. clueless.  Julio’s Waffle House by an absolute landslide in this one as the Mud Monkeys gross roster is leaving skid marks on my eyes this morning. Half of the mud monkeys starters rely on Mitch Trubisky and Daniel Jones.. yikes. Honestly a little pissed at robbo calling this the game of the week. If you know anything about anything and aren’t just a big stumbling bumbling idiot, you know vegas fucked up on this line and its time to jump on the Waffle House before this line creeps up. Just to clarify WAFFLE HOUSE BY A MILLION. 

2. The Clawwww (6-3) vs Let me hit your JuJul (4-5) 

In this clash of former champs its gunna simply come down to which team wants it more. Although the Juul is grossly outmatched, you know theres no quit in those addicting little things. Its also worth noting here that the 1st time the clawwww lost a game this year, they wound up dropping 2 straight to 2 straight retards. The clawwww is coming off a loss to mikey meatballs and now see’s big ry this week?… they do say history likes to repeat itself. Unfortunately for the Juul, The Clawwww doesn’t believe in history… are dinosaurs real? did abe lincon ever exist? Does tony somehow have more hair than he had in 6th grade? A lot of questions without a lot of answers but one answer i do have for you, The Clawwww will pull away in this one late as the star power to overpowers Juul addiction. 

3. Hepatitis D (2-7) vs AB’s Wild Ride (4-5) 

*DUMPSTER FIRE MATCHUP OF THE WEEK*  We got an interesting matchup here as the wild ride is playing with all of its playoff hopes on the line and Hepatitis is simply playing to be spoiler and try and stay out of the ice bowl. Honestly feeling pretty nauseous looking at this one but that might just be from the colt 45. Hepatitis needs a cure and i think this is the week they start sipping on some sizzurp. I’m taking hepatitis in this one as this might be a sneak peak to the loser bowl later this year. 

4. Straight Outta Hopkins (5-4) vs Sammy Gave me a Chubb (5-4) 

 Looking into my crystal ball for this matchup i see is clear as day…”bro you’re just lucky hopkins was on a bye” “wait till i get my full team back” “keep sleeping” This matchup is clear to me. Sammy gave me a chubb has been the real slept on team. Coming off a hugeeee win last week the Chubb is coming into this matchup rock hard looking to drop the hammer on obj and the rest of this overrated team. Got chubb winning a tight one here as straight outta hopkins takes a hilarious devastating loss down this important stretch. 

5. SuttOn my face (4-5) vs Baby Shaker Baker (6-3) 

Tbh guys with this hangover really setting in i finally understand why pinks team can’t get the job done. It is not easy to operate at a level like this, none the less set a winning fantasy lineup. I’m running out of steam and really need a bacon egg and cheese… salt pepper ketchup. The baby shakers suck but CMC will prob have a billion points blah blah blah. This team reminds me of the cowboys, beat up on the shitty teams, have a good record, make the playoffs but nobody is ever scared of them. I hate this team and will never bet with them.. putting the house on SuttOn my face. 

6. Officer Dickskin (4-5) vs Matty Revenge Tour (5-4) 


Last but not least we have a simone battle, LOSER LEAVES TOWN matchup here. The revenge tour comes into the matchup looking like a deer in the headlights while dickskin comes into confidence sky high.. ignorance is bliss. I can’t stress this enough tho.. LOSER. LEAVES. TOWN. Losers invite to thanksgiving, lost in the mail. Losers invite to family dinner, non existent. Losers keys to their own house, what house. Losers invite to come chill with the boys, what boys. LOSER LEAVES TOWN!!! Man this ones got me fired up. Feel like jon gruden in the middle of august watching hunter renfrow run dig routes. 

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