Semi Finals 2019/20

And then there were 4… In this weeks loser leaves town we got 2 former champs vs two semi-finalist losers from last year. We got 2 people who know how to finish and 2 people who look like robbo trynna get a dance at a strip club fumbling on his words, hands shaking handing over a 20. Speaking of strip clubs, I’m loving the board this week and if you follow me good things will come. Currently sitting at a 67-9-3 record this season I’m the best in the biz and just hoping i can team up with the Great White Sharp one day. 

  1. Baby Shaker Baker (9-4) (1 seed) vs Sammy gave me a Chubb (7-6) (5 seed) 

Stronger, bigger, faster, better marinara… the chubbs have heard it all this year and it hasn’t stopped this train. I had a chance to speak to meatballs before this semi final clash and heres what he had to say.. “All men are created equal, some work harder in preseason.” Some moving words as I could see the intensity in his eyes and the old marinara stains on his shirt. If this team has the same passion as their GM idk who’s going to stop them. Afterwards I had a chance to catch up with the Baby Shaker who was drooling with a dumb rattle in his hand. Here’s what he had to say “I got McCaffrey and Edelman bro.” That pretty much sums it up as this inept GM shocks the world again by deploying a stout defense all year and has made pretty much no lineup changes and is starting 2 borderline TEs this week. Taking at all my bias out of this one I’m just worried about making my followers some money. On one hand we have a former champ who knows what it takes like joe flacco and on the other hand we have the wiley vet who has never won the big game (big bad phil rivers). So with that being said I’m predicting an italian christmas as the chubbs bone the baby shakers all day and gives mikey meatballs his 1st shot at the trophy. 

2. The Clawwww (2 seed) vs Ringless Robby (3 seed) 

*High School is Forever Classic* These two teams have history. The rivalry is not dead, people aren’t soft and everything is sick. The league gets what it wants as we get a Pats/Colts, Lakers/Celtics, Yankees/Red Sox esq matchup. A short 3 years ago the clawwww got its first title taking down this squad, last year the clawwww’s run was ended short by this squad and this year we get the winner take all matchup. It’s clear after thursday the clawwww is a heavy favorite but something feels weird about Ringless Robby this year.. as if the stars are aligning. Once known as the the revenge tour, this once spiraling team has rallied the troops and is ready to strike. What better revenge than to beat the clawwww and give robby his only chance to ever appear on the trophy??? Revenge is in the air. A wise man once told me “Bet the line not the number” and after thursday nights beat down it appears as Ringless Robby is a great value pick at +1025.. id throw 5s. Unfortunately just like our loser friend roberto the revenge tour falls short as the league shakes of the thought of our 1st 2x champ. Clawwww by a thousand. 

Now id like to take a time to shout out the mud monkeys, Officer dickskin and by default Ob Gay and the boys. On the bright side Officer Dickskin has won the championship 100% of the time after the clawwww has won it all.. history repeats itself? 

Ice Bowl update: 

Hepatitis D vs BYE 

Congrats darren! you did it bud! nobody believed in you but you’re going to the fucking ship!! Don’t listen to anybody the 2 teams that trade raped you aren’t doing much better.. they are playing in some gay ass semi finals for just some money and their name cemented on the trophy forever. At least somebody on your team will have a chance at winning. 

Julio’s Waffle House vs ABs wild Ride

Tbh i haven’t looked at this matchup and i refuse to even move the mouse on my laptop to click the box to check it out. In the 2 leagues i am in with tony he’s playing in the toilet bowl championship hahahaha. i really don’t care what happens here but I’m riding with ABs wild ride and its honestly one of my most confident plays of the year. 

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