Week 6 Run Down 2019/20

Sorry for the delay boys I’ve been busy this week but here’s our week 6 breakdown. Before you read I just want to point out in 4-2 on the season in prediction so take everything I say as fact… 

SuttOn my Face(2-3)vs ABs Wild Ride(3-2)

*Matchup of the week alert* honestly don’t know what’s most exciting about this week. The $5 Snapchat bet, the fact that ABs gross lineup continues to put the pieces together or that the ice boy Lowkey has a sick team. Even though pats D and Larry legend will continue to carry this team, I have SuttOn my face in a suffocating win this week. 

Matty Revenge Tour (3-2) vs Mud Monkeys 

Projections may have a blowout brewing but my stamp of approval this week goes to the Revenge Tour as the mud monkeys still has his summer tires on going thru this sludge of the season. Mud monkeys come back down to earth as Aaron jones remembers he’s Aaron jones and Phillip Lindsay hands the rains over to rolls Royce as his knee explodes. Keep an eye on this matchup. 

The clawwww (3-2) vs Officer Dickskin (3-2) 

This heavy weight matchup is slated to give the people what they want. These 2 start studded lineups finally meet in the same week we get chiefs Texans. Expect a lot of points and a lot of disappointment as the clawwww wins in a landslide. Jeremey sprinkle and Preston Williams prove to be the savvy starts of the week as Dickskin decides his own fate. 

Baby Shaker Baker (3-2) vs Straight outta Hopkins (2-3) 

We got one team that refuses to change the worst team name of all time and another team that can’t decide on a team name. This matchup reminds me a lot of dolphins redskins. Nobody really cares but everybody will still check it just to get a good laugh. Don’t have a pick in this one, hope it ends in a tie. 

Let me hit your jujul (2-3) vs Hepatitis D (2-3) 

The story nobody wants to talk about in this league, hepatitis is 2-0 since the name change and this team shows no signs of slowing down. This jujul isn’t even blinking white when put on the charger. It might be time to switch to boges because this ones getting ugly. Hepatitis D as my lock of the week. 

Julio’s Waffle House(2-3) vs Sammy gave me a Chubb(3-2)

In a true matchup of the overperformers I can’t wait to see how this one shakes out. The Waffle House is up for foreclosure as the Chubb needs the magic blue pill. The least deserving team will win this matchup and I truly don’t know who that is. Guess I’m going with the Waffle House in this one as the bank bails them out.

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