Week 5 Run Down 2019/20

Quick week 5 matchup preview before the thursday night game 

1st matchup of the week 

HOP off deez Nuks (1-3) vs Julio’s Waffle House:

With thursday night football looming it felt right to lead off with the most meaningless game of the week that everybody will still watch. This toilet bowl will be filled with lots of desperation. If you haven’t seen it yet, Julio’s Waffle house is starting Ronald Jones the 2nd and John brown, a true comedy show. With that being said my pick of the week is HOP off deez Nuks as dhop goes off like an A-bomb. 

Next up we got 

ABs Wild Ride (2-2) vs Officer Dickson (3-1)

Many might overlook this matchup as AB is still jerking off on unexpected ladies backs but i think this wild ride gets a little wilder this week. Larry legend comes back to haunt dickson and gives AB the upset of the week. 

SuttOn My Face(1-3) vs Matty Revenge Tour (3-1) 

*Trap game of the week alert* I expect the Revenge Tour to keep on rolling here as SuttOn my face continues to get suffocated. Barkley sidelined and a bunch of terrible picks following, i don’t see how SuttOn my face gets back on track. Taking Revenge Tour by a landslide this week and doing it with confidence. What could go wrong?

The Clawwww(3-1) vs Baby Shaker Baker (2-2) 

The only thing shaking after this matchup will be the white flag. The Clawwww’s high powered attack will be too much to handle as this stout D is exposed. Expect a blockbuster desperation trade by the Baby Shaker’s after this one. The Clawwww by 1000. 

Mud Monkeys (1-3) vs Let me hit your JuJul (2-2) 

*Matchup of the week alert* Sunday night flex game here, still early in the season but both teams are in must win situations to get their seasons on track. This one is going to be a nail biter to the finish. If i had to choose a winner here, I’m rocking with the JuJul because lets be real.. blinking red or not, you can never get rid of it. 

Hepatits D(1-3) vs Sammy gave me a Chubb(3-1) 

Might be a surprising pick to some but i love Hepatitis D at home this week. Chubb has had some layup matchups and has been sleeping on some over performances. Chubb comes back down to earth as Hepatitis makes some rumbles this week up the standings. This once joke of a franchise is here to prove that their donation will come with some daggers. 

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