Week 4 Run Down 2019/20

With week 4 in the books and a fourth of the season officially over lets take a look and see how the early season is panning out. 

  1. Sammy gave me a Chubb (3-1) 

Gotta say after a rocky start and a sober draft, I’m shocked to see Sammy gave me a Chubb leading the charge early in the season. It’ll be interesting to see how the Chubb respond with their #1 pick on the sideline for the next few weeks but the injury couldn’t have come at a better time as the Chubb will be facing Hepatitis D and Julio’s Waffle House, might as well give him the 1st round bye already. Look for Sammy gave me a Chubb to be a force for the rest of the season. 

2. Matty Revenge Tour (3-1)       

What can i say that hasn’t already been said. Nobody is surprised to see the Revenge Tour sitting at 3-1 as the kid orchestrates a competitive lineup year in a year out. Sitting at 3-1 tho the Revenge Tour gives me an eerie similar feeling to the 3-1 Dallas Cowboys. Just like the Cowboys, the Revenge Tour is always competitive and always in the playoff hunt but are they ever really a threat? Time will tell if the boys and Revenge Tour will ever get over the hunt and secure that ring. Look for the Revenge Tour to make a deep playoff push. 

3. The Clawwww (3-1) 

To be honest I’m a little shocked to see The Clawwww sitting this low in the standings at this point in the season. With that being said the clawwww is the best managed fantasy football roster out there. Besides raping everybody in the draft the season just brings on trade rapes and waiver wire gems. Don’t count on many more losses out of this squad, expect The Clawwww to make a run for that 2nd ring. 

4. Officer Dickskin (3-1) 

Glad to say theres another former champ atop the leader boards, really defending that pedigree. I can’t say nobody is shocked that you are here because I certainly am. Look for Officer Dickskin to struggle in the 2nd half of the season as they are primed for regression. Won’t go into details here but good luck fellow champ. 

5. AB’s Wild Ride (2-2) 

Gotta say AB’s Wild Ride is one of the best underdog stories this season. With all of the drama of his star player, the disaster start for their 1st round pick, the Wild Ride has done nothing but keep their head down and grind. Amidst of all the chaos going on in this roster AB’s Wild Ride refused to be trade raped, a true testament of character. This team reminds me a lot of the new york football giants.. don’t count them out. 

6. Let me hit your JuJul (2-2)

SUPERBOWL HANGOVER. There isn’t much to say here. The defending champs enjoyed their Super Bowl pay bonus in the offseason and it showed in the draft. Hope this team finds a diamond in the rough or orchestrates some late year trade rape like we’ve seen this organization do before. This JuJul is blinking red. 

7. Julio’s Waffle House (2-2)

Coming off one of the biggest upsets in league history look for Julio’s Waffle House to come back down to earth. This team reminds me a lot of the Jets. Can’t draft, can’t coach, can’t manage. If I were them, I’d start mock drafting from now but expect Julio’s Waffle House to compete for that 7th playoff spot as they do every year. 

8. Baby Shaker Baker (2-2)

Other than having the worst team name I’ve ever seen, this is one of my favorite teams to follow every year. Not only is this team filled with veteran name brand players every year but it also puts out a STOUT d year in and year out. This is the 3rd consecutive year this team is in the top 3 for points against. They have clearly found the formula. Look for this defensive minded team to keep winning close matchups. Hopefully they change their name back to Team Janik. 

9. Mud Monkeys (1-3)

*Sleeper team alert* Although the mud monkeys are off to a slow start they have one of the deeper benches in the league. They kind of remind me of the bears, bunch of players on the field but no studs. This midseason push is going to depend on some crucial coaching decisions. Hope the pressure isn’t too much to handle, the Mud Monkeys are on the hot seat for the rest of the season. 


Early season struggles for the boys have nothing to do with dedication or heart, we know management bleeds these qualities. The boys take a crushing blow this week as their sleeper pick is coming back from hold out to split carries with the boys best player this season. I know the boys whole heartedly believe in this roster but it might be time to start moving pieces if they want any shot at the postseason this year. Never count this team out, they have the heart of a lion. 

11. SuttOn My Face (1-3) 

If the season ended today you wouldn’t be the worst. Congrats pink. This team is clearly still in rebuilding after last years disaster. You know what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. This team is pretty gross but lets hope they can put together some competitive games for their season ticket holders. Expect SuttOn My Face to have another long offseason to think about where they went wrong. 

12. Hepatitis D (1-3) 

With a surprising twist of events Hepatitis B has progressed to Hepatitis D. This was a crucial upgrade as they are 1-0 since the change. Look for this team to continuously be involved in blockbuster trades and some highs weeks followed by some lows. Minshew is a great leader for this team as their run and gun attitude keeps them a wild card for the rest of the season. This team would sell its soul to the devil before coming in last. Expect a few more wins from here on out. 

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