fantasy forever

Do you play fantasy football with your friends, family, co-workers? Do you look forward to football season every year? Do you have fantasy football memories that you still laugh about to this day? Fantasy Forever is the new way to enjoy fantasy football. Here at Fantasy Forever, we strive to give you all, the fans, the best most entertaining look into the world’s premiere fantasy football league.

So now you may be asking, what exactly is Fantasy Forever? After many hours in the war room, Highschool is Forever and the IAFFL have come to terms on a merger and Fantasy Forever was born. Fantasy Forever consist of two, 12 man leagues. Highschool is Forever consist of 12 friends from high school in their early 20s entering their 7th season together. IAFFL consist of 12 friends from college who are washed up in their early 30s entering their 9th season. Each league will play through their 16 game season and crown the champ of their respective league before battling it out against the rival champ in week 17. Inside each league site you will find team owner pages, videos, blogs, league history and more story lines to follow. The choice is now yours, who’s side are you on?

Warning: This is the most professional and least obnoxious content you will find on this site, enjoy.